Oldies but Still Goodies

Last Friday, we attended our first Peter, Paul and Mary concert, having been fans since the 1960s when we were in college. The audience of several thousand (a sold-out crowd at Shippensburg University) was almost exclusively baby-boomers around our age. We did sing along, but there were no mosh pits or screaming teenagers swooning over the stars!

The concert had been postponed from November because of Mary’s ill health, but even so I wasn’t prepared to see her in a wheelchair and on oxygen. The three of them sat down for the entire concert to accommodate Mary. It was all kind of sad, and I couldn’t help thinking that this is probably their last concert tour. I’m really glad we finally got to see them live before they ended their concert career.

One of the most amusing things for me was the commentary in between songs that confirmed their more liberal/Democrat political leanings. They were clearly elated at the recent election and inauguration of Barack Obama, but I’m not so sure many in the audience felt the same way. After all, this is Central Pennsylvania, not known for being a Democratic stronghold!! And of course, many of their songs over the years have been protesting wars and various forms of social injustice that are more typically Democrat causes.

It was great fun singing along to all the oldies, like “Puff, the Magic Dragon,” “If I Had a Hammer,” and “Leaving on a Jet Plane.” While Peter, Paul and Mary have all obviously aged considerably since the 1960s, their voices were still robust and their harmonies had the same distinctive sound.


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